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Runtime: 114 Mins
Classsification: M
Battle violence

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5 October 2011

Mulan (Wu-Xing Collection)

Wei Zhao, Jingle Ma, Wei Dong

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It is 450 A.D. in China and the dynasty is under constant threat from the Rouran tribe. When the army conducts a nationwide draft in order to protect the homeland, retired soldier Hua Hu insists on enlisting again to serve his country. Mulan (Vicki Zhao Wei), his daughter, unable to bear the thought of her father going to war again, and from a family without a male heir, disguises herself as a man to save her aging father from the horrors of the battlefield.

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Mulan movie poster
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Mulan movie image

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  • Wei Zhao
  • Jingle Ma .... Director
  • Wei Dong .... Director
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    Movie Review

    Mulan is a well made movie. The storyline flows as you watch a love story forged in battle. Mulan is a woman who goes to war in her fathers place and has to convince everyone she is a man. Through most of the movie however it's pretty obvious to the watcher that she is a woman. Maybe the soldiers in those days had poor eyesight. Aside from that it's a thoroughly enjoyable film with some great battle scenes (maybe a bit graphic for the squeamish) and some beautiful scenery to contrast. The love story is predictable with a few twists and the excellent acting will keep you engaged in the story. All in all very watchable 3.5 stars.

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