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Muhammad Ali: The whole story

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Muhammad Ali was an athlete, but his greatness transcended sports. He represented the best of us - talented, exciting, charismatic, outspoken and fiercely principled - he became the foremost citizen and most recognisable face in the world.

Six episodes profile his thunderous life and career in and outside the ring. His landmark fights - Olympic triumph, battles with Sonny Liston and Ken Norton, the Rumble in the jungle with George Foreman, the Thrilla in Manila with Joe Frazier - and his controversial public stands on hot-button issues are all thrillingly covered in this exceptional double DVD set.

Episode 1: The beginning: Olympic gold - Cassius Clay of Kentucky blasts onto the scene with a gold medal win at the 1960 Rome Olympics and captures Sonny Liston's crown, becoming the youngest-ever world heavyweight champion.

Episode 2: The youngest heavyweight champion - In 1965 the decade's turbulence reaches fever pitch. Clay finds himself a focal point in society's racial and political crises - emerging with a new outlook and identity.

Episode 3: Exile - March 1967. The biggest issue of the era crosses paths with the biggest hero of the era. Drafted to serve in the USA Army to fight in Vietnam, Muhammad Ali files for conscientious objector status.

Episode 4: The road back - Undefeated yet stripped of his title, Ali is on a quest in 1970. His eyes are on "Smokin" Joe Frazier.

Episode 5: The rumble in the jungle - At a crossroads in 1973, Ali has suffered defeat at the hands of Frazier and Ken Norton. He must now reckon with another brute force now clenching the title: George Foreman.

Episode 6: The thrilla in Manila - by 1975, Ali's knockout victory over Foreman positions him once again to battle Frazier in a titanic third match up.

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DVD retail: 13 March 2002

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