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Monday morning (Lundi matin)

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Every Monday morning, Vincent (Jacques Bidou) is faced with the same old routine: he gets up at 5.00 and then it takes him 1½ hours to get to the factory where he performs his monotonous job. He can't smoke on the journey to work and when he gets to work, he's not allowed to smoke there either. As soon as he gets home, all he'd really like to do is devote himself to his real passion - painting - but then there's the family to consider; they want to see something of him too.

Vincent is fed up to the eyeballs. He's had enough of his wife, his children as well as the peculiar characters who live in the village. These characters include old Albert who plods the same track every single day, the postman who reads everybody's letters and the priest who insists on ogling the women...

One day, Vincent decides to go and take a look at the world. He gets on a train bound for Venice...

Persons of interest

  • Jacques Bidou .... Vincent
  • Arrigo Mozzo .... Carlo
  • Anne Kravz-Tarnavsky .... Joséphine
  • Radslav Kinski .... Le Père De Vincent
  • Narda Blanchet .... La Mère De Vincent
  • Adrien Pachod .... Gaston
  • Pascal Chanal .... Michel
  • Myriam Laidouni-Denis .... Odile
  • Laura-Kay Monnet .... La Fille De Michel
  • Nicolas Ponthus .... Le Fils De Michel
  • Pierre Tricaud .... Le Père De Michel
  • Armand Chagot .... Le Frère De Michel
  • Dato Tarielashvili-Iosseliani .... Nicolas
  • Anna Lamour-Flori .... Berthe
  • Otar Iosseliani .... Screenwriter
  • Otar Iosseliani .... Director

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  • NB: French language dialogue with English language subtitles
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122 minutes (2:02 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated August 2003 - Melbourne, Sydney

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