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Academy Award-nominee Elisabeth Shue stars as Molly McKay, a mentally challenged young woman whose genius is unleashed after she undergoes a program of highly experimental treatments. Aaron Eckhart, the highly acclaimed star of the independent hit In the company of men, portrays her brother Buck, whose carefree lifestyle is turned on its side when he must care for the sister he hasn't seen since they were both children.

Also starring Jill Hennessy and Thomas Jane.

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Remember the film with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, where the vego patients were given a drug that woke them up, but only for a while? Same story but with bad science (Awakenings was a biography). First up: taking cells from the brain, modifying them and then putting them into a different part of the brain doesn't work. Chopping them out would leave that part of the brain short-handed (as it were) because brain cells don't regenerate and putting them into the damaged area would just add healthy cells to a damaged area: they wouldn't replace the old cells even if they "took". Likewise, tissue rejection happens immediately after surgery, not several months down the track when it's more dramatic.

Elisabeth's performance is very much the stereotypical spazz thing, nowhere as effective as Heather Rose in Dance me to my song or the entire cast of The idiots. She does do the transitional phases well, but they occupy only a minor part of the running time. Aaron's character is written to suit Molly so his performance makes some sudden turns into sympathy or aggression as the script demands.

Molly just doesn't get it together. It's the kind of flick that you'll see popping up as a midweek movie on TV, only you'll end up channel surfing to something else before it finishes.

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VHS rental: 8 August 2000

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