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Miss Congeniality - Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt, Michael Caine, Donald Petrie

Threat advisory: Elevated - Significant risk of entertaining activities

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Unpolished, unkempt, unleashed, undercover.

For her entire life, Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) has dreamed of emulating the career of her mother, Emily, a highly-esteemed FBI agent who died in the line of duty. Unfortunately, Gracie's aggressive nature has branded her as a loose cannon, and the only one in the bureau who actually believes in her is fellow agent and friend, Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt).

When a terrorist threatens to bomb the Miss United States pageant, the FBI rushes to find a female agent to go undercover as a contestant. Unfortunately, Gracie is the only female FBI agent who can look the part despite her complete lack of refinement and femininity. She prides herself in being just one of the boys and is horrified at the idea of becoming a girly girl.

To assist her with the emergency assignment, the bureau enlists the help of Victor Melling (Michael Caine), an obsessive and pompous pageant consultant, to transform Gracie from a "woman without a detectable smidgen of oestrogen" to Gracie Lou Freebush, glamorous beauty queen. Transformation complete, Gracie must get comfortable with the mercilessly driven and perfectly coifed contestants, infiltrate the pageant and thwart the terrorists.

Persons of interest

  • Sandra Bullock .... Gracie Hart
  • Michael Caine .... Victor Melling
  • Benjamin Bratt .... Eric Matthews
  • Candice Bergen .... Kathy Morningside
  • Ernie Hudson .... FBI Assistant Director Harry McDonald
  • William Shatner .... Stan Fields
  • John DiResta .... Agent Clonsky
  • Heather Burns .... Cheryl Frasier (Miss Rhode Island)
  • Melissa De Sousa .... Karen Krantz (Miss New York)
  • Steve Monroe .... Frank Tobin
  • Deirdre Quinn .... Mary Jo Wright (Miss Texas)
  • Wendy Raquel Robinson .... Leslie Davis (Miss California)
  • Asia De Marcos .... Alana Krewson (Miss Hawaii)
  • Ken Thomas .... FBI Agent Harris
  • Gabriel Folse .... FBI Agent Jerry Grant
  • Christopher Shea .... FBI Agent Jensen
  • Mary Ashleigh Green .... Young Gracie Hart
  • Katie Ford .... Screenwriter
  • Marc Lawrence .... Screenwriter
  • Caryn Lucas .... Screenwriter
  • Donald Petrie .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Even though I have no idea what this film is like, I'm kind of hoping that it'll be bad so I can call it Miss Congealiality. Wouldn't that be funny? Har, har, har!

Oh well.

Media intelligence (DVD)

  • Audio: Dolby Digital
  • Features
    • Behind-the-scenes documentaries: Preparing for the pageant, The pageant
    • Cast filmographies
    • Commentary: Sandra Bullock, Marc Lawrence, Donald Petrie
  • Picture: Widescreen 16:9 enhanced
  • Trailers: Theatrical

Security censorship classification

M (Low level violence)

Surveillance time

110 minutes (1:50 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD retail: 29 August 2001
VHS retail: 5 December 2001
DVD retail: 10 April 2002
DVD retail: 22 September 2005 - Double set

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Miss Congeniality imageMiss Congeniality imageMiss Congeniality imageMiss Congeniality imageMiss Congeniality imageMiss Congeniality image

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