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Runtime: 68 Mins
Classsification: G

In cinemas:
11 May 2013

Miffy the Movie

Sandra Agababyan, Tutti Druyan, Hans Perk

Movie propaganda

Miffy, her friends Melanie and Grunty and her dog Snuffy set out on a treasure hunt through the Zoo. Father and Mother Bunny give them five riddles through a Treasure Hunt Song, about a colour, a shape, a movement, a number and a sound. While discovering animals that answer to the riddles, Miffy and her friends learn how to work together, find creatie ways to collaborate and to reward each other for a job well done. And in the end, they are rewarded with a big surprise.

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Movie Poster

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Persons of interest

  • Sandra Agababyan
  • Tutti Druyan
  • Hans Perk .... Director
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    • animation

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