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Meet Dave - Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union, Elizabeth Banks, Brian Robbins

Threat advisory: Low - Low risk of entertaining activities

Movie propaganda

Seeking a way to save their doomed world, a crew of tiny, human-looking aliens arrives on earth in the perfect disguise - a spaceship shaped like an ordinary man.

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Meet Dave theatrical one sheet imageMeet Dave theatrical one sheet image

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  • Film comedy science fiction alien spaceship robot boy geek bully fish-out-of-water

Persons of interest

  • Eddie Murphy .... Dave/Captain
  • Elizabeth Banks .... Gina Morrison
  • Gabrielle Union .... No. 3 - Cultural Officer
  • Scott Caan .... Dooley
  • Ed Helms .... No. 2 - 2nd In Command
  • Kevin Hart .... No. 17
  • Mike O'Malley .... Knox
  • Pat Kilbane .... No. 4 - Security Officer
  • Judah Friedlander .... Engineer
  • Marc Blucas .... Mark
  • Jim Turner .... Doctor
  • Austyn Myers .... Josh
  • Adam Tomei .... No. 35
  • Brian Huskey .... Lieutenant Right Arm
  • Shawn Christian .... Lieutenant Left Arm
  • Jane Bradbury .... No. 81 - Female Crew
  • Brad Wilson .... Lieutenant Right Leg
  • Miguel A Núñez Jr. .... Burly Crew Member
  • John Gatins .... Air Traffic Controller
  • Nick Berman .... Young Bully
  • Smith Cho .... Lieutenant Left Leg
  • Yung-I Chang .... Apple Genius
  • David Goldsmith .... Lieutenant Buttocks
  • Paul Scheer .... Lieutenant Kneecap
  • Rob Greenberg .... Screenwriter
  • Bill Corbett .... Screenwriter
  • Brian Robbins .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Meet Dave is a low-grade comedy that should've gone straight to DVD. There are a couple of laughs but it's mostly a collection of clichés and chicks in tight uniforms. Eddie Murphy makes a lot of his trademark faces but he's really just wandering through the parts. Give this one a miss.

The comedy, science fiction movie Meet Dave is directed by Brian Robbins and stars Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union, Elizabeth Banks.

Government security censorship classification

PG (Infrequent violence and crude humour)

Surveillance time

90 minutes (1:30 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 10 July 2008

Cinema surveillance images

Meet Dave movie imageMeet Dave movie imageMeet Dave movie imageMeet Dave movie imageMeet Dave movie imageMeet Dave movie imageMeet Dave movie imageMeet Dave movie imageMeet Dave movie image

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