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Son of the Mask - Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, Traylor Howard, Lawrence Guterman

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The next generation of mischief.

A decade after the legendary Mask of Loki wreaked havoc on the life of an unsuspecting adult, the magical mask finds its way into the possession of a child in the family comedy Son of the Mask. When cartoonist Tim Avery's (Jamie Kennedy) new son is born with the Mask's spectacular powers - to the dismay of the family's jealous dog - it turns the household upside down and launches a kid versus canine battle for control of the Mask. But unbeknownst to them all, Loki has come looking for his mask and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back.

Persons of interest

  • Jamie Kennedy .... Tim Avery
  • Alan Cumming .... Loki
  • Bob Hoskins .... Odin
  • Traylor Howard .... Tonya Avery
  • Ben Stein .... Dr Arthur Neuman
  • Kal Penn .... Jorge
  • Ryan Falconer .... Alvey Avery
  • Liam Falconer .... Alvey Avery
  • Peter Flett .... Mr Kemperbee
  • Magda Szubanski .... Betty
  • Victoria Thaine .... Sylvia
  • Michael Fallon .... Creator
  • Mark Verheiden .... Creator
  • Lance Khazei .... Screenwriter
  • Lawrence Guterman .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

  • Son of the Mask official movie site
  • Son of the Mask movie trailers:
  • Awards and film festivals:
    • Razzie Awards 2005: Won: Worst Remake Or Sequel; Nominated: Worst Screenplay (Lance Khazei), Worst Director (Lawrence Gutterman), Worst Screen Couple (Jamie Kennedy, ANYBODY Stuck Sharing the Screen with Him), Worst Supporting Actor (Alan Cumming, Bob Hoskins), Worst Actor (Jamie Kennedy), Worst Picture
  • Studios and distributors:

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Security censorship classification

PG (Low level coarse language, mild crude humour)

Surveillance time

94 minutes (1:34 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 7 April 2005

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Son of the Mask imageSon of the Mask imageSon of the Mask image
Son of the Mask imageSon of the Mask imageSon of the Mask imageSon of the Mask imageSon of the Mask imageSon of the Mask image

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