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The Martins

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Movie propaganda

From the producers of Kevin and Perry go large and Bean: the ultimate disaster movie comes another hysterically funny British comedy. The Martins are the kind of people that you cross the road to avoid, but though they're the family from hell - you've gotta love 'em.

Persons of interest

  • Lee Evans .... Robert Martin
  • Kathy Burke .... Angie Martin
  • Linda Bassett .... Anthea
  • Eric Byrne .... Little Bob
  • Terri Dumont .... Katie
  • Frank Finlay .... Mr Heath
  • Lennie James .... Police Constable Alex
  • Jack Shepherd .... Detective Inspecter
  • Mark Strong .... Doug
  • Lloyd Harvey .... Security guard
  • Tameka Empson .... Mo
  • Tony Grounds .... Screenwriter
  • Tony Grounds .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

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Film: Undated 2001

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