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Love blind

Threat advisory: Under evaluation

Movie propaganda

A seduction of the most dangerous kind.

When a beautiful woman named Channi joins a group of friends sharing a Malibu estate, inhibitions are quickly set aside. As a nude model, Channi has a body to die for but it's her limitless desire to explore forbidden pleasures that her new housemates find irresistible.

Sarah, conservative and inexperienced, has an attentive fiancé in Nick, but during a late night skinny dip with Channi she's introduced to an alluring new world of possibilities. Nick loves Sarah but feels her slipping away, and he's tempted by Channi's seductive charm.

Matt, a professional photographer, is jaded from working with sultry models. But even he is not about to pass up a fiery fling. Channi is about to provide some real excitement... but sexual exploration comes at a price...

Starring Bobby Johnston, Kim Yates, Eric Acsell and Catalina Larranga. Written by Giorgio Serafini, directed by CB Harding.

Security censorship classification

R 18+ (High level sex scenes)

Surveillance time

100 minutes (1:40 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS rental: 14 June 2000

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