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Love and basketball

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All's fair in love and basketball.

Love and basketball follows Quincy McCall (Glenndon Chatman) and Monica Wright (Kyla Pratt), childhood adversaries and talented athletes who have a love for the game of basketball and each other. As each pursues their dream of competing in professional sports, they must face their own respective hurdles.

A story of friendship, rivalry and ultimately, the give and take of a one-on-one relationship, Monica and Quincy share a nearly unquenchable passion for basketball.

The story begins with Monica and Quincy as youngsters, when she moves in next door. Quincy is shocked to find she can play ball better than most guys. When he asks her to be his girlfriend, it lasts about a minute: she finds his 11-year-old machismo out of control.

Cut to high school: following in the footsteps of his famous dad, an NBA player, Quincy (Omar Epps) has his pick of colleges, and women, while Monica (Sanaa Lathan) is appalled by his taste in the latter. She also can't understand why her coach thinks his best player has to act like a lady on the court: Monica is definitely no lady. But when Quincy sees her dolled up for the senior dance, he discovers he has fallen in love with his tomboy neighbour.

They continue pursuing their respective basketball careers as university sweethearts - until Quincy's dad, his idol, lets him down, and Monica does, too, because she can't miss curfew before a big game to be there for him. When Quincy announces that he's dropping out of school to turn pro and their romance is off, Monica is left wondering if "being all about ball" is worth losing the love of her life.

But all's fair in love and basketball, and the game isn't over until the fourth quarter has been played.

Also starring Alfre Woodard as Camille Wright, Dennis Haysbert as Zeke McCall, Debbi Morgan as Nona McCall and Harry J Lennix as Nathan Wright. Written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

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124 minutes (2:04 hours)

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9 November 2000

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