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Long walk to freedom

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Based on the autobiography of the same name.

For decades, the country of South Africa was ruled under apartheid a powerful and effective system of oppression which gave the white minority all the money and power and treated the black majority as second-class citizens. In 1950s Johannesburg, a young law clerk by the name of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (Morgan Freeman) is beginning to learn how unjustly cruel this system is and begins to fight back.

Playing a pivotal role in the reformation of the African National Congress, he quickly becomes a political juggernaut whom is seen as a threat by the government forcing him to go underground. Unable to stop the anguished break-up of his marriage, Mandela continued as a freedom fighter till his arrest and prosecution in the infamous 1964 Rivonia trial which sentenced him to life imprisonment.

This is an epic story of Mandela's life following his past, the situations leading to his early release in 1990, the subsequent events which led to him toppling apartheid and President FW Declerk, and his key part in the creation of South Africa's now multi-racial democracy.

Written by William Nicholson, directed by Shekhar Kapur.

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