The Lion King movie poster
Runtime: 89 Mins
Classsification: G

In cinemas:
22 September 2011
Home Entertainment:
12 October 2011

The Lion King 3D

Ernie Sabella, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Jim Cummings

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The King of Disney animated films roars out for the Disney Vault for a limited time for the first time ever in Disney 3D and Blu-ray High Definition in an all-new Diamond Edition -- two all-new picture and sound presentations that reveal the majesty of Disney's epic, modern-day animated masterpiece as it's never been seen before. Featuring groundbreaking immersive bonus features your family can personalize, customize and enjoy together, an all-new digital restoration, and up to 7.1 high definition sound, Disney's heroic, coming of age adventure - filled with award winning music and some of the most popular animated characters ever created - is a marvel for all ages and a must own addition to any home entertainment.

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The Lion King movie poster
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D
The Lion King 3D

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Persons of interest

  • Jim Cummings .... Ed
  • Whoopi Goldberg .... Shenzi
  • Moira Kelly .... Adult Nala
  • Rowan Atkinson .... Zazu
  • Robert Guillaume .... Rafiki
  • Jeremy Irons .... Scar
  • Ernie Sabella .... Pumbaa
  • Nathan Lane .... Timon
  • James Earl Jones .... Mufasa
  • Niketa Calame .... Young Nala
  • Matthew Broderick .... Adult Simba
  • Rob Minkoff .... Director
  • Roger Allers .... Director
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    • animated
    • family

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    Movie Review

    I was excited to see the Lion King in 3D in a cinema, and that excitement did not lead to disappointment. The 3D added another layer to the movie it wasn't obtrusive at all and at times didn't add as much as it could have but I appreciate the more subtle 3D effect and thought it was great. I don't think I need to say much about the movie because almost everyone would have already seen it. But I will say this: It won't matter if you're a Lion King fan or not, this movie is worth coming to see and watch. Some people disagree but you can't beat the atmosphere of a movie cinema especially for a movie with a sound track as good as the Lion King. Treat yourself and be immersed in sight and sound while this is screening at the cinemas.

    4.5/5 Reviewed by