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The lion king

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Life's greatest adventure is finding your place in the Circle of Life.

Still the mightiest animated feature of them all and the undisputed "king" of the box office, Walt Disney Pictures' The lion king roars to life as never before with its dazzling large format debut. Reformatted specifically for the giant screen from the film's original digital elements, this special limited engagement offers moviegoers a chance to experience one of the greatest animated adventures of all time on the most majestic canvas imaginable and with a spectacular newly remixed soundtrack.

With its compelling story, breathtaking animation, colourful characters, Oscar-winning music, the film follows the adventures of a young lion named Simba (Matthew Broderick), who just can't wait to be king. The sudden death of his father, Mufasa (James Earl Jones), and the treacherous actions of his uncle, Scar (Jeremy Irons), lead Simba into exile and ultimately on a hero's journey of self-discovery. Adopting the "hakuna matata" philosophy of his comical jungle guardians - warthog Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella) and meerkat Timon (Nathan Lane) - Simba eventually comes to terms with his destiny and returns home to Pride Rock to help put things right.

Join the Circle of Life and relive the magic, majesty and music of this entertainment milestone.

Persons of interest

  • Matthew Broderick .... Simba
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas .... Young Simba
  • Nathan Lane .... Timon the meerkat
  • Ernie Sabella .... Pumbaa the warthog
  • Robert Guillaume .... Rafiki the baboon
  • James Earl Jones .... Mufasa
  • Jeremy Irons .... Scar
  • Rowan Atkinson .... Zazu the hornbill
  • Whoopi Goldberg .... Shenzi the hyena
  • Moira Kelly .... Adult Nala
  • Niketa Calame .... Young Nala
  • Madge Sinclair .... Queen Sarabi
  • Cheech Marin .... Banzai the hyena
  • Zoe Leader .... Sarafina
  • Irene Mecchi .... Screenwriter
  • Jonathan Roberts .... Screenwriter
  • Linda Woolverton .... Screenwriter
  • Jorgen Klubien .... Screenwriter
  • Hans Zimmer .... Score
  • Tim Rice .... Lyricist
  • Elton John .... Lyricist
  • Roger Allers .... Director
  • Rob Minkoff .... Director

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89 minutes (1:29 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 26 December 2002 - Melbourne
Film: 10 April 2003 - Sydney
DVD retail: 10 November 2004
VHS retail: 10 November 2004

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