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This dazzling comic fantasy stars popular Lindsay Lohan (The parent trap) and top fashion model Tyra Banks (Higher learning) in a delightfully entertaining tale of a young girl's toy that turns out to be a truly living doll!

Sad and lonely after the death of her mother, Casey (Lindsay Lohan) would do anything to see her again. But when a series of mystic mishaps mistakenly brings her fashion doll "Eve" (Tyra Banks) to life instead, it changes Casey's world forever!

Heart-warming and lots of fun, the magical story of this happy accident captures a spirit your family will want to relive again and again!

Cinematic intelligence sources

Security censorship classification

PG (Adult theme)

Surveillance time

85 minutes (1:25 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS rental: 4 April 2001

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