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Led Zepplin: the song remains the same

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The pioneers of hard rock take the stage - and blow your mind.

Rock's premier metalmen, Led Zepplin, whose blend of gutsy blues and scathing rock catapulted them into the music world's pantheon, take you on a spellbinding journey of song and imagination. this high-impact movie captures the group's legendary 1973 Madison Square Garden concert stand and uncorks a freewheeling mix of scenes showing group members at home and in elaborate fantasy settings.

Robert Plant's raw lead vocals, Jimmy Page's explosive riffery and the sonic boom rhythm wall of bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham all swirl, clash and collide - on classic tunes like Stairway to Heaven, Dazed and confused, Whole lotta love and many others. No-one goes down heavier than Zep!

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Special Agent Matti

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I saw nothing. This DVD was stolen from my office but I won't name names because that won't bring them back or bring the two scum-sucking culprits to justice.

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  • Languages in Dolby stereo 2.0: English

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132 minutes (2:12 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD retail: 7 August 2000

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