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Leave it to Beaver

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They were the family you always wished you had. Wise and wonderful Ward: a pal as well as a dad. June: the perfect wife and mother. Big brother Wally: popular, smart and athletic - one tough act to follow. And last but definitely not least, hapless irrepressible Theodore, aka The Beaver. Just a regular kid trying his best to stay out of trouble while finding a thousand ways to mess up.

Thirty-four years after the final episode first aired on national television, the refrain - and the story - are pretty much the same.

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Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Another 50s sitcom being made into a movie. Talk about nostalgia over-kill.

Had The Beaver been a staple of television in Australia (did TV even exist back then?) I would say this might be worth a look, but it wasn't, so I won't. Had this film been a classic of situation-comedy I might also say that it was worth a look, but it wasn't, so I won't. The Beave-meister may have been a big thing in white-bread USA (and as far as I can remember there're only two African-Aumericans in the whole film) but in 90s Australia, he just don't cut the mustard.

Leave it to Beaver is a movie-sized TV programme that toddles along in a wholesome family kind of way towards an unsurprisingly happy ending. The integration of 50s values with 90s lifestyles is not particularly successful. There are some funny bits, lots of cute boys and the occasional teary loving family moment but nothing to write home about. There are also some stereotypes, some indecipherable in-jokes and the occasional teary loving family moments. Ho hum.

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PG (Adult themes)

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88 minutes (1:28 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD rental: 2 October 1998

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