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Krippendorf's tribe

Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

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The last undiscovered tribe are about to expose themselves.

This wildly funny hit comedy stars Richard Dreyfuss as an anthropologist who discovers that primitive culture is as close as your own backyard! Instead of discovering a lost tribe in Papua New Guinea for his research grant, Professor James Krippendorf has blown the last two years, and all of the $100,000 of the money, rearing his out-of-control kids! Now desperate to fool suspicious colleagues, including a leggy blonde lusting after him (Jenna Elfman), Krippendorf assembles native-looking huts in his backyard and films the most primitive group he can find: his dysfunctional family. But when a doubting professor (Lily Tomlin) travels to Papua New Guinea to expose him as a fraud, the laughs spin out of control all the way to the outrageously uncivilised conclusion in Krippendorf's tribe!

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Theatrical report

A relatively funny movie about an unrealistic situation, but one which is easy to watch if you switch off your higher brain functions.

Krippendorf's tribe is themed around that old film favourite, the whacky professor and his wacky family. Being the 90s the wacky family is also dysfunctional and there is some sex but they did leave out the roller blades.

The laughs are very gaggy (as in "That was a great gag" not "Gross me out and gag me with a spoon") but they roll through the film at a fair clip so they're not too disturbing. The plot is simplistic and easy to digest in a McDonald's kind of way.

Other than Jenna, who does a good line in ditzy blonde, the acting is nothing much to talk about: the actors do their job in a professional way, fulfilling all that the parts require, but that's all (the parts don't require much else).

This is a funny enough film that looks better on the small screen than the big, and is fine for a quiet night at home.

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PG (Sexual references, low level coarse language)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS rental: 4 November 1998
DVD retail: 23 July 2003

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