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Keeping mum - Rowan Atkinson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Maggie Smith, patrick Swayze, Niall Johnson

Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

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They took her in. Now she's taking them out.

The sleepy English hamlet of Little Wallop is about to receive a rude awakening, as the absent-minded Reverend Walter Goodfellow (Rowan atkinson), his dissatisfied wife Gloria (Kristin Scott Thomas), and their two children, Holly and Petey, await the arrival of their new housekeeper, Grace Hawkins (Maggie Smith).

Gloria is a woman struggling to cope. Her teenage daughter's a nymphomaniac, her young son's the perennial target for the local bullies and her marriage to Walter has long-since dwindled into monotony. It's no wonder she's failing to resist the advances of her handsome, American, Lothario of a golf pro, Lance (Patrick Swayze). what this family needs is salvation. And fast. It comes in the form of "Grace Hawkins", a gentle motherly woman with a smile for everyone and an answer for everything. But Grace is not all she seems...

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  • Film UK England comedy crime murder mother daughter family batty vicar

Persons of interest

  • Rowan Atkinson .... Reverend Walter Goodfellow
  • Maggie Smith .... Grace Hawkins
  • Patrick Swayze .... Lance
  • Kristin Scott Thomas .... Gloria Goodfellow
  • Jack Ryan .... David
  • Emilia Fox .... Rosie Jones
  • Liz Smith .... Mrs Parker
  • Tamsin Egerton .... Holly Goodfellow
  • James Booth .... Mr Brown
  • Toby Parkes .... Petey Goodfellow
  • Rowley Irlam .... Bob
  • Richard Russo .... Screenwriter
  • Niall Johnson .... Screenwriter
  • Niall Johnson .... Director

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Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Keeping mum (a lovely pun, if you are into such things) is one of those peculiar British comedies set in a peculiar English village (population 57 and falling) where peculiar events are simply part of village life. If any of this stuff happened in the big city there'd be coppers and CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS tape for days but in the sleepy village of Little Wallop a serial killer can go unnoticed.

The church Flower Committee, however, is another story. That's where the real power lies.

This film is for the grow-ups in the house despite the large number of dead and closer-to-dead-than-they-realise people. There's more than a touch of the Midsomer murders so if you like that sort of thing then you're going to like this sort of thing.

My only concern is that the premise of the movie is based around not having dead corpses in the pond. Is there really anyone who doesn't have corpses in the nearest pond?

Security censorship classification

M (Moderate sexual references, moderate coarse language, infrequent violence)

Surveillance time

103 minutes (1:43 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 26 January 2006
Disc: 7 July 2010

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