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Julius Caesar - Jeremy Sisto, Richard Harris, Christopher Walken, Uli Edel

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Feared by enemies. Betrayed by friends.

Julius Caesar is an epic story set in magnificent, ancient Rome. It will bring to life one of history's greatest figures. The miniseries will not only show Caesar as one of the greatest politicians, generals and orators to have ever lived. It will particularly tell of a man, of his early days, of his formation and assent to power, of his ambitions, anxieties, weaknesses and of the three great loves of his life.

As Caesar (Jeremy Sisto) rises to fame, his life is constantly at risk for high political reasons, and he is forced to flee Rome when Sulla (Richard Harris), the malevolent Roman dictator, threatens to execute him. Returning to the capital, with his citizenship restored for bravery in battle, Caesar becomes famous for his amazing gift of public speaking. He also becomes entwined in a great and ill-fated love story.

In defiance of Sulla's wishes, he marries his true love Cornelia (Daniela Piazza), who later dies tragically. Cornelia's death almost destroys Caesar, and, for years to come, all his love is devoted to his daughter, Julia (Nicole Grimaudo).

Now concentrating on his political career, Caesar champions popular causes and fights the corrupt aristocracy that dominates Roman politics. He declares that, for the Empire to have real meaning, all of its subjects - of whatever race, creed or colour - should be offered Roman citizenship. His populist politics and unprecedented military victories raise Caesar to Roman Emperor.

It is towards the premature end of his life that Caesar, isolated at the pinnacle of power, finds love in his relationship with another of history's great leaders - Cleopatra (Samuela Sardo). But, yet again, lasting happiness eludes his grasp, and Roman politics lure Caesar away from Egypt. Now a mature man, Caesar's attitude towards power, towards Rome and towards the Roman Senate seems to have changed. Back in the capital city, powerful men begin to fear the most powerful man amongst them.

Persons of interest

  • Jeremy Sisto .... Julius Caesar
  • Richard Harris .... Lucius Sulla
  • Christopher Walken .... Marcus Cato
  • Valeria Golino .... Calpurnia
  • Chris Noth .... Pompey
  • Pamela Bowen .... Aurelia
  • Heino Ferch .... Vercingetorix
  • Tobias Moretti .... Caius Cassius
  • Samuela Sardo .... Cleopatra
  • Daniela Piazza .... Cornelia
  • Nicole Grimaudo .... Julia
  • Sean Pertwee .... Labienus
  • Paolo Briguglia .... Marcus Brutus
  • Kate Steavenson-Payne .... Portia
  • Ian Duncan .... Brutus
  • Constantine Gregory .... Pythias
  • Christian Kohlund .... Lepidus
  • Jay Rodan .... Marc Antony
  • David Langham .... Play Actor
  • Peter Pruce .... Screenwriter
  • Craig Warner .... Screenwriter
  • Uli Edel .... Director

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  • Audio: Stereo
  • Languages: English
  • Picture: Widescreen 16:9

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M (Low level violence)

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136 minutes (2:16 hours)

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DVD rental: 13 August 2003
VHS rental: 13 August 2003
DVD retail: Undated 2003
VHS retail: Undated 2003

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