Runtime: 91 Mins
Classsification: M
Coarse language, sexual references and a sex scene
In cinemas:
3 November 2011


Andrew Ryan, Charlotte Gregg, Christopher Sommers, Cindy Nelson

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Jackie and Lucy - together nicknamed 'Jucy' - are 20 something best friends who do everything together. Their days are spent working at a local alternative video store serving a variety of equally emotionally disenfranchised freaks and geeks. Always on the outside looking in but never alone as long as they have each other, they combat boredom with their own special brand of 'joie de vivre'. When badgered by friends and family for being in a 'womance' (the girl equivalent of a bromance - codependent, weird and incapable of living a normal life), the girls decide it's time to grow up. Jackie will snag the dreamy boyfriend and Lucy will land the job of her dreams, but will growing up mean growing apart? In the spirit of Muriel's Wedding and Bridget Jones' Diary  this Aussie comedy speaks to everyone who survived the all too common quarter-life crisis with a little help from their friends

Persons of interest

  • Orson Welles .... Voice of the Elephant Lamp
  • Andrew Ryan .... Brett
  • Ryan Johnson .... Alex
  • Charlotte Gregg .... Dimity
  • Christopher Sommers .... Nate
  • Cindy Nelson .... Jackie
  • Francesca Gasteen .... Lucy
  • Louise Alston .... Director
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    • comedy

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