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Josh Jarman - Marcus Graham, Kym Gyngell, Daniella Farinacci, Pip Mushin

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Josh Jarman had a dream... now he has a problem.

Josh Jarman (Marcus Graham) is a passionate playwright desperate to make it big. When hot shot producer Stan Billows (Kym Gyngell) decides to put on his play, no expense is spared. Josh is ecstatic. Finally, this is the break he's been waiting for.

But ambition comes at a price.

Josh's "deal of a lifetime" takes him on a roller coaster journey involving a sexy hyperactive girlfriend, a ruthless producer,an unscrupulous director and the girl next door, who may just be what Josh is looking for... if only he knew it.

Josh Jarman is a humorous story of a man driven by passion and integrity. A man who only wants one thing in life, and what he endures to get it.

Yes, Josh Jarman has a dream... there's just one catch.

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  • Film Australia drama comedy theatre playwright

Persons of interest

  • Marcus Graham .... Josh Jarman
  • Suzy Cato
  • Daniella Farinacci .... Maxine
  • Chelsea Gibb .... Cameo
  • Kym Gyngell .... Stan Billows
  • Rosalind Hammond
  • Wayne Hope
  • Alex Menglet
  • Kestie Morassi .... Sasha
  • Damien Richardson .... Russ
  • Louise Siversen
  • Pip Mushin .... Screenwriter
  • Pip Mushin .... Director

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Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

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Security censorship classification

M (Moderate coarse language, sexual references)

Surveillance time

97 minutes (1:37 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 10 November 2005

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Josh Jarman imageJosh Jarman imageJosh Jarman imageJosh Jarman imageJosh Jarman imageJosh Jarman imageJosh Jarman imageJosh Jarman imageJosh Jarman imageJosh Jarman image

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