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Joe Gould's secret

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Every life is a work in progress.

Filmmaker Stanley Tucci takes you into the poignant and sometimes humorous world of New York city in the 1940s. Joe Gould's secret is the true story of two men, one of whom would tell the other's story: famed the new yorker writer Joseph Mitchell and New York bohemian Joe Gould.

It was a time when artists and writers often gathered together in an area of the city known as Greenwich Village, and a time when Joseph Mitchell (Stanley Tucci) was publishing some of his best work. One day, the soft spoken writer encounters Joe Gould (Ian Holm). Yankee-born and Harvard-educated, the dishevelled Gould is a scholar of the New York streets. Gould's life's work is The oral history of our time, a transcription of hundreds of conversations, remarks and essays about what he has seen and heard.

"Every day," writes Mitchell in The New Yorker, "even when he has a bad hangover or even when he is weak and listless from hunger, Joe Gould writes in school composition books." Holding no job, Gould depends on friends and well-wishers, welcoming contributions to The Joe Gould Fund.

After Mitchell's story appears in The New Yorker, Gould becomes a minor celebrity. As the dynamics between the two men shift, their relationship will consume Mitchell for years to come - as he becomes the keeper of Joe Gould's secret.

Also starring Patricia Clarkson as Vivian Marquie, Hope Davis as Therese Mitchell and Susan Sarandon as Alice Neel. Directed by Stanley Tucci.

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Film: Undated 2001

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