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Jindabyne - Gabriel Byrne, John Howard, Laura Linney, Ray Lawrence

Threat advisory: Low - Low risk of entertaining activities

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On an annual fishing trip, in isolated high country, Stewart Kane (Gabriel Byrne), Carl (John Howard), Rocco (Stelios Yiakmis) and Billy (Simon Stone) find a girl's body in the river. It's too late in the day for them to hike back to the road and report their tragic find. Next morning, instead of making the long trek back, they spend the day fishing. Their decision to stay on at the river is a little mysterious - almost as if the place itself is exerting some kind of magic over them.

When the men finally return home to Jindabyne and report finding the body, all hell breaks loose. Their wives can't understand how they could have gone fishing with the dead girl right there in the water - she needed their help. The men are confused - the girl was already dead, there was nothing they could do for her. Stewart's wife Claire (Laura Linney) is the last to know. As details filter out, and Stewart resists talking about what has happened, she is unnerved. There is a callousness about all of this which disturbs her deeply. Stewart is not convinced that he has done anything wrong. Claire's faith in her relationship with her husband is shaken to the core. The fishermen, their wives and their children are suddenly haunted by their own bad spirits. As public opinion builds against the actions of the men, their certainty about themselves and the decision they made at the river is challenged.

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  • Film fishing corpse drama Jindabyne supernatural ghost Australia peace death thriller mystery Aboriginal smoke

Persons of interest

  • Gabriel Byrne .... Stewart Kane
  • Max Cullen
  • Deborra-Lee Furness .... Jude
  • Chris Haywood
  • John Howard .... Carl
  • Laura Linney .... Claire
  • Leah Purcell
  • Mala Ghedia .... Dr Sari Blake
  • Charles "Bud" Tingwell
  • Simon Stone .... Billy
  • Stelios Yiakmis .... Rocco
  • Raymond Carver .... Author
  • Beatrix Christian .... Screenwriter
  • Ray Lawrence .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Jindabyne is one movie that's just as exciting as its poster. Directed by the same dude who made Lantana, it's a small-town flick about small-town people with small-town lives. If you lived in Jindabyne you'd have to be a serial killer just for something to do (seen Wolf Creek yet?).

Unfortunately, because the film features an ensemble cast, no single character gets to put everything together; you end up watching life reflected in a fractured mirror. While this can be fun in some cases (see Memento), in Jindabyne it's just disjointed. If we want real life entertainment that isn't worth watching, we are fully capable of not watching Big Brother.

The only reason I can see for having International Stars™ in the two lead roles is Cultural Cringe™. I'd have thought we were over that by now.

Security censorship classification

M (Moderate coarse language, moderate violence)

Surveillance time

120 minutes (2:00 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 20 July 2006

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