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The Italian job

Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

Movie propaganda

Get in. Get out. Get even.

The plan was flawless. The job was executed perfectly. The escape was clean. The only threat mastermind thief Charlie Croker (Mark Wahlberg) never saw coming was from a member of his own crew. After pulling off an amazing gold bullion heist from a heavily guarded palazzo in Venice, Italy, Charlie and his gang - inside man Steve (Edward Norton), computer genius Lyle (Seth Green), wheel-man Handsome Rob (Jason Statham), explosives expert Left Ear (Mos Def) and veteran safe-cracker John Bridger (Donald Sutherland) - can't believe it when one of them turns out to be a double-crosser. Now the job isn't about the pay-off, it's about pay-back!

Enter Stella (Charlize Theron), a beautiful, nerves-of-steel safe-cracker, who joins Charlie and his former gang when they follow the back-stabber to California, where they plan to re-steal the gold by tapping into Los Angeles' traffic control system, manipulating signals and creating one of the biggest traffic jams in LA history!

Remade from the 1969 film.

Persons of interest

  • Mark Wahlberg .... Charlie Croker
  • Edward Norton .... Steve
  • Noel Coward .... Mr Bridger
  • Charlize Theron .... Stella
  • Jason Statham .... Handsome Rob
  • Mos Def .... Left Ear
  • Franky G .... Mechanic
  • Christina Cabot .... Christina Griego
  • Seth Green .... Lyle
  • Donald Sutherland .... John
  • Troy Kennedy-Martin .... Screenwriter (1969)
  • Donna Powers .... Screenwriter
  • Wayne Powers .... Screenwriter
  • F Gary Gray .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

The Italian job is a perfectly acceptable millennial action crime movie. There are clever gadgets, clever crimes, double crosses, exotic locations, computers, product placement (most notably Dell, Pepsi Blue and Aston Martin), hunky and sensitive men, sexy and capable women, romance and revenge. What more do you need in a film?

Oh yes, there are some small but effective explosions.

Media intelligence (DVD)

  • Audio: Dolby Digital mono
  • Disc: Single side, dual layer
  • Languages: English
  • Picture: Fullscreen
  • Special features:
    • Deleted scenes: 6
    • Featurettes: 5
    • Gag reel
    • Trailers: Theatrical

Security censorship classification

M (Medium level violence, low level coarse language)

Surveillance time

106 minutes (1:46 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 21 August 2003
DVD retail: 6 May 2004

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The Italian job imageThe Italian job imageThe Italian job imageThe Italian job imageThe Italian job imageThe Italian job imageThe Italian job image

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