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It's a boy girl thing - Kevin Zegers, Samaire Armstrong, Sharon Osbourne, Nick Hurran

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They've turned into the things they hated most... each other.

Stan and Della Deane, blue collar workers and proud owners of "Spatula City" emporium had Woody (Kevin Zegers). Sporty, outgoing and popular, Woody grew into the all American football star with all the perks you would expect including the prettiest cheerleader on his arm.

The Bedworths had Nell (Samaire Armstrong). Pretty, but bookish and unbelievably prim, she is the very opposite of Woody in thought and word and deed. Normally their two paths would never cross, let alone intertwine but fate has dealt them a cruel hand - for Woody and Nell are next door neighbours...

For 16 years a war has raged between the two enemies. In the true spirit of the Montagues and Capulets their dislike for each other constantly threatens to boil over until finally a blazing row ensues in front of an ancient Aztec statue during a science class. The next day Woody and Nell wake to find themselves in a very strange place. In each other's bodies!

Now these two polar opposites are finally getting a taste of life on the other side of the looking glass. To make matters worse it's the most important week of their lives. Nell has her interview at Yale and Woody has the most important football game of his career. If he doesn't get his scholarship he is doomed to a life of Spatula hell.

After failing to resist the initial temptation of ruining each other's high school reputations, they finally realise they are going to have to work together to avoid mutual disaster, Woody and Nell must put aside their differences and help each other - with hilarious consequences! In the process they both gain an insight into the other's hidden depths, and, most strangely of all, discover that maybe, just maybe, their next door neighbour isn't quite as irritating as they had always thought.

With Prom night only days away, and safely back in their own bodies, it is inevitable that this unlikely duo will find love in the strangest of places. Next door.

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  • Film love romance high school comedy Prom neighbour neighbor girl next door boy next door

Persons of interest

  • Emily Hampshire .... Chanel
  • Libby Adams .... Nell Bedworth (6-years-old)
  • Samaire Armstrong .... Nell Bedworth
  • John Bregar .... Richard
  • Brandon Carrera .... Nicky
  • Maury Chaykin
  • Brooke D'Orsay .... Breanna
  • Kathryn Haggis .... Miss Bidermeyer
  • Robert Joy .... Ted
  • Mpho Koaho
  • Balázs Koós .... Glixen
  • Sherry Miller .... Katherine Bedworth
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Roman Podhora .... Coach
  • Adrian Roberto
  • Genelle Williams .... Tiffany
  • Kevin Zegers .... Woody Deane
  • Geoff Deane .... Screenwriter
  • Nick Hurran .... Director

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M (Moderate sexual references)

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91 minutes (1:31 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2007

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