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Runtime: 101 Mins
Classsification: MA15+
Strong sex scene and sexual references
In cinemas:
27 June 2013

In The House

Denis Ménochet, Emmanuelle Seigner, Ernst Umhauer, Fabrice Luchini

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High school literature teacher Germain (Fabrice Luchini, Potiche and The Women On The 6th Floor) despairs at the quality of his students’ writing until he reads a story that is both compelling and disturbingly voyeuristic. His talented student, Claude (Ernst Umhauer), writes of charming his way into his friend’s house and of his fascination with his friend’s mother (Emmanuelle Seigner). Germain’s passion for teaching is reawakened and he offers Claude some private lessons. But who has he let into his house? Gradually the line between Claude’s new stories and reality blur until Germain himself starts appearing in Claude’s writing and Germain’s own life becomes a new obsession. Celebrated auteur filmmaker François Ozon (8 Women, The Swimming Pool) has adapted Juan Mayorga’s play The Boy In The Last Row to create a captivating and ironic look at the art of storytelling itself.

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Persons of interest

  • Fabrice Luchini .... Germain
  • Ernst Umhauer .... Claude Garcia
  • Kristin Scott Thomas .... Jeanne Germain
  • Emmanuelle Seigner
  • Denis Ménochet
  • François Ozon .... Director
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    • mystery
    • thriller

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