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In the shadow of the palms - Wayne Coles-Janess

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What was really happening in the homes and on the streets of Iraq before, during and after the most controversial war of the 21st Century.

As the world is engulfed in a storm of propaganda, we capture a very different reality in Iraq. We document how life really is for the society and people living under twelve years of sanctions and the Saddam regime.

When the inevitability of the US-led conflict increased and people across the globe protested against this highly controversial war, we recorded the changes in the lives of the Iraqi people by focusing on a cross-section of individuals representative of the broader Iraqi community.

We follow these individuals as they prepare for the coalition war against them, continuing to tell their stories as they became the target for tens of thousands of coalition cruise missiles and guided bombs. Living and filming with ordinary Iraqis, we observed first hand the devastating effects of the extensive bombing campaign on the lives of civilians.

This documentary gives the viewer an intimate, character-based insight into Iraqi society, devolving as the war takes the "cradle of civilization" towards what is increasing being considered "year zero".

Ipso-facto Productions spent months in Baghdad, filming during an exceptional period in World history. We managed to capture what has been labelled a "unique and exclusive insight" into the people and situation in Iraq, before, during and "after" the war.

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  • Wayne Coles-Janess .... Director
  • Wayne Coles-Janess .... Screenwriter

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  • Awards and film festivals:
    • Amnesty International Film Festival Amsterdam: Screening
    • AMAL Arab Film Festival, Spain: Screening
    • Ankara International Film Festival: Screening
    • Arab Film Festival, Rotterdam: Screening
    • Artechock - Film Aktuell: Screening
    • Bangkok International Film Festival 2006: Won: Special Mention International Competition (Wayne Coles-Janess)
    • Bonner Kinemathek Festival: Screening
    • Chennai International Film Festival: Screening
    • Ciné Droit Libre Festival - Burkina Faso: Screening
    • Cinemanila International Film Festival: Screening
    • Commonwealth Film Festival: Screening
    • Fajr International Film Festival (Iran): Screening
    • IF Awards 2005: Won: Independent Spirit Award (Wayne Coles-Janess)
    • International Documentary Film Festival –New Zealand: Screening
    • International Festival of Audiovisual Programs Biarritz (FIPA): Screening
    • International Film Festival of India: Screening
    • International Munich Documentary Film Festival: Screening
    • International Relations Film Festival, USA: Screening
    • It's All True International Documentary Film Festival - Brazil: Screening
    • London Australian Film Festival: Screening
    • Lucania Film Festival: Screening
    • National Museum of Photography, Film & Television - UK: Screening
    • Norrköpings Filmfestival Flimmer: Screening
    • Revelation - Perth International Film Festival - Australia: Screening
    • Singapore International Film Festival: Screening
    • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival: Images of the 21st Century
    • Tiburon International Film Festival 2006: Won: Golden Reel Award Best Documentary (Wayne Coles-Janess)
    • Yamagata International Documentary Festival 2005: Won: Audience Award
    • ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival: Screening
  • NB: Arabic and English language dialogue with English subtitles; Colour, black and white
  • Studios and distributors:

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The documentary, Iraq movie In the shadow of the palms is directed by Wayne Coles-Janess.

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94 minutes (1:34 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 5 October 2006

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