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Life's not about winning or losing, it's about crossing the line.

Linda (Kelly Macdonald) is devastated. La Scala's number is finally up. The wonderful bingo hall is threatened with council demolition. And worse, a kilometre up the valley, Mega Pleasure has been built - the UK's biggest bingo arena. A stream of villagers begin the pilgrimage: the chance to play in the new national bonanza game and win a million quid.

Gavin (Jason Hughes), the charismatic caller and Linda's lover-elect, soon follows. Mr Anzani (Freddie Jones), Linda's friend, mentor and boss, is distraught. His family of Welsh-Italians has held the hall for over three generations. Is he to be the last? But Linda discovers she has a gift: she can guess the numbers before they're called. She can decide who wins the games. The pathway to salvation is clear - everyone comes to a lucky hall. But whom should she give the million to? In desperation she seeks her Auntie Beth's (Miriam Margoyles) advice. "Leave it well alone," she warns, telling Linda that her mother had the same strange abilities.

But Linda doesn't leave it and soon finds that some gifts are best left unwrapped.

Starring Keith Chegwin as himself, Gwenllian Davies as Peggy, Eileen Edwards as Mrs Collins, Bruce Forsyth as himself, Helen Griffin as Marilyn, Sue Hopkins as Pam, Lynn Hunter as Moira, Hywel Simons as Tan and Mossie Smith as Kay. Written by Jason Sutton, directed by Julian Kemp.

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Special Agent Matti

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90 minutes (1:30 hours)

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Undated 2001

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