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Hot rod - Andy Samberg, Ian McShane, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer

Threat advisory: Elevated - Significant risk of entertaining activities

Movie propaganda

Smack destiny in the face.

Self-proclaimed stuntman Rod Taylor (Andy Samberg) is preparing for the jump of his life. Rod plans to clear fifteen buses in an attempt to raise money for his abusive stepfather Frank's (Ian McShane) life-saving heart operation. He'll land the jump, get Frank better, and then fight him, hard.

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  • Film action adventure stunt family relationship daredevil comedy motorbike bus

Persons of interest

  • Andy Samberg .... Rod Kimble
  • Jorma Taccone .... Kevin Powell
  • Bill Hader .... Dave
  • Danny R McBride .... Rico
  • Isla Fisher .... Denise
  • Sissy Spacek .... Marie Powell
  • Ian McShane .... Frank Powell
  • Will Arnett .... Jonathan
  • Chris Parnell .... Barry Pasternak
  • Chester Tam .... Richardson
  • Brittany Tiplady .... Maggie
  • Brittney Irvin .... Cathy
  • Pam Brady .... Screenwriter
  • Andy Samberg .... Screenwriter
  • Akiva Schaffer .... Screenwriter
  • Jorma Taccone .... Screenwriter
  • Akiva Schaffer .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Secret Agent Acid Thunder

Theatrical report

Bless their cotton socks, Pam Brady, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone's minds were in the right place when they wrote this, it's just that Akiva Schaffer mustn't have seen eye to eye with them. There is a lot of potential for Hot rod; some serious effort went into creating something new, and I think that this has been accomplished. I was thinking it was going to be another heart-throb teen flick or a slap-stick American Comedy; but again - yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking - I must admit my error in judgement. I don't often walk into a screening expecting to see something (it could have been what I had for lunch that day) atypical of what came before it, so after I walked out there was that little shaking in my body when I get really into the film and I feel like I can do everything our hero does. I liked Isla Fisher although I think she was holding back a little on her character. The guy who played her boyfriend from the beginning of the movie... I have never liked him at all. Still, for what appeared to be a low budget film produced some very entertaining moments and a better quality production than many multi-billion dollar projects I've seen recently.

The action, adventure movie Hot rod is directed by Akiva Schaffer and stars Andy Samberg, Ian McShane, Jorma Taccone.

Government security censorship classification

M (Moderate drug reference, infrequent moderate coarse language)

Surveillance time

88 minutes (1:28 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 11 October 2007

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