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Runtime: 125 Mins
Classsification: M
Science fiction themes and violence
In cinemas:
28 March 2013

The Host

Diane Kruger, Jake Abel, Max Irons, Saoirse Ronan

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From author Stephenie Meyer (THE TWILIGHT SAGA), comes a story set in the near future where our planet has never been more perfect. Greed and violence have been eliminated, and peace and kindness are practiced by all. But perfection comes at a price, as an alien race of pure “souls” has invaded earth, using humans as their hosts.

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Movie Poster

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Persons of interest

  • Saoirse Ronan .... Melanie Stryder
  • Diane Kruger .... The Seeker
  • William Hurt .... Jeb Stryder
  • Max Irons .... Jared Howe
  • Jake Abel .... Ian O'Shea
  • Andrew Niccol .... Director
  • Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

    • sci-fi
    • thriller

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    • The Host official movie sites:
    • Studios and distributors: Hoyts