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Horses: the story of equus

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Horses: the story of equus is the story of three horses who were all born on the same night but their lives take very different paths. One becomes a racehorse and her story takes us into that extraordinary world, where the ancestry of every horse can be traced back to 1791 and where their overwhelming instinct to run is highly valued.

The second is trained as an equestrian horse, an eventer. But this horse is a unique individual, stubborn and temperamental. After a spectacular failure in competition, he is trained again, this time as a stunt horse in the movies and it's in that world that his capacity for learning and his individual nature triumph.

The third horse goes on a completely different journey. He escapes from people and joins the feral herds in the wild. Out there, undisturbed by human contact, the horses revert to natural, herd behaviour and this horse becomes our conduit into understanding what horses may have been like before we domesticated them.

Made by Australian filmmakers and filmed in Victoria.

Persons of interest

  • Gabriel Byrne .... Narrator

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Horses. Horses, horses, horses. If you like horses, this flick will do you nicely. Even if you don't have any hippophilic leanings you'll like it.

For the record, Horses: the story of equus has shots of:

  • horses running
  • horses running through water
  • horses running along the beach
  • horses running through the forest
  • horses running races
  • horses standing still
  • horses sleeping
  • horses eating
  • horses doing stunts
  • horses rearing onto their hind legs
  • horses in the snow
  • horses in the bush
  • horses in the mountains
  • horses at the seaside.
There are also some shots of horses. Apart from a few standard Imax landscape shots, every shot has horses.

The two gripes that I have about Horses: the story of equus are that an Irish person is narrating a story shot in Australia about Australian people (Horses are people too!) and that he uses Imperial measurements despite the fact that no-one on Earth is supposed to. Just so you know, a gallon is like a litre (but bigger) and a mile is like a kilometre (but bigger).

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Surveillance time

44 minutes (0:44 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 12 September 2002 - Melbourne, Sydney

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Horses: the story of equus imageHorses: the story of equus imageHorses: the story of equus imageHorses: the story of equus imageHorses: the story of equus imageHorses: the story of equus imageHorses: the story of equus imageHorses: the story of equus image

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