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The horseman - Peter Marshall, Caroline Marohasy, Brad McMurray, Steven Kastrissios

Threat advisory: Elevated - Significant risk of entertaining activities

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An action-packed, multi-award winning Australian thriller, The horseman features a range of powerhouse performances in an unflinching study of grief and retribution. Explore the dark fantasies we all dream up when Christian (Peter Marshall) is sent a horrifying pornographic video featuring his recently deceased daughter.

Setting out to find answers, he soon spirals into a world of violence and recklessness as he follows the links through the industry with his unique methods of brutal questioning.

Driving through north Queensland to locate the final suspect, he reluctantly picks up Alice (Caroline Marohasy), an awkward young runaway and an unlikely bond develops. But as the crime is pieced together, an ugly truth is revealed that leads everyone down a dangerous path.

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  • Film Australia crime thriller father daughter murder revenge truth Queensland violence drug addict video pornography torture

Persons of interest

  • Peter Marshall .... Christian
  • Caroline Marohasy .... Alice
  • Brad McMurray .... Derek
  • Jack Henry .... Finn
  • Evert McQueen .... Jim
  • Christopher Sommers .... Pauly
  • Bryan Probets .... Walters
  • Steve Tandy .... Devlin
  • Chris Betts .... Hilton
  • Damon Gibson .... Chuck
  • Hannah Levien .... Jesse
  • Ron Kelly .... Detective Adams
  • Robyn Moore .... Irene
  • Warren Meacham .... Richards
  • Greg Quinn .... Kenneth
  • Rhye Copeman .... Eddie
  • Steven Kastrissios .... Screenwriter
  • Steven Kastrissios .... Director

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Theatrical report

There's an odd stereotype about parents: mothers fight tooth and nail to defend their children, fathers serve their revenge cold, simply killing everyone involved; women are emotional, men are practical. It sort of applies to The horseman but only sort of because there's no mother involved. That leaves you with a trail of death and violence. Don't you love a bit of revenge tragedy? There's not enough of it these days. Where are the duels? Where's the swordsmanship? It's all political correctness and facilitation. *raspberry*

Peter Marshall's performance is cold, hard, repressed, guilt-ridden and ultra-violent. There's nothing like the death of a daughter at the hands of drug-dealing, porn-making, sociopathic criminals to provide a bit of motivation. Bring on the hitting, cutting, burning, kicking, beating, bludgeoning and killing. There will be blood. Peter is implacable. He is the irresistible force. He's great.

The horseman is a gritty, dirty, hard-core film from first timer Steven Kastrissios, with significant input from stunt co-ordinator Chris Anderson. It's like Wolf Creek but without the sexy young backpackers to lighten the mood. I recommend it to adults who are into action and violence.

The Australia, crime, thriller movie The horseman is directed by Steven Kastrissios and stars Peter Marshall, Caroline Marohasy, Brad McMurray.

Oh, wait! Horseman! As in one of the four apocalypse dudes. Now I geddit. Hee, hee, hee.

Government security censorship classification

R 18+ (High impact violence)

Surveillance time

98 minutes (1:38 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 8 July 2010

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