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Hoot - Luke Wilson, Logan Lerman, Brie Larson, Robert Wagner, Wil Shriner

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It's time to stand up for the little guys.

Based on the Carl Hiaasen's Newbery Award-honoured book which has become a New York Times best-seller, Hoot revolves around a young boy who moves to Florida where he tries to solve an ecological mystery involving endangered owls, an assortment of other unusual creatures, and group of eccentric adults.

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  • Film owl family Florida environment ecology teen drama mystery endangered extinct green

Persons of interest

  • Logan Lerman .... Roy Eberhardt
  • Brie Larson .... Beatrice Leep
  • Cody Linley .... Mullet Fingers
  • Luke Wilson .... Officer David Delinko
  • Eric Phillips .... Dana Matherson
  • Dean Collins .... Garrett
  • Tim Blake Nelson .... Curly Branitt
  • Clark Gregg .... Chuck Muckle
  • Kiersten Warren .... Mrs Eberhardt
  • Neil Flynn .... Mr Eberhardt
  • Jessica Cauffiel .... Mother Paula/Kimberly
  • Robert Wagner .... Mayor Grandy
  • Jimmy Buffett .... Mr Ryan
  • John Archie .... Captain
  • Robert Donner .... Kalo
  • Stacy Ann Rose .... Dr Gonzalez
  • Damaris Justamante .... Mrs Matherson
  • Carl Hiaasen .... Author
  • Wil Shriner .... Screenwriter
  • Wil Shriner .... Director

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90 minutes (1:30 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 7 September 2006

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