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The hill

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It measures 18 metres high and 60 metres long and looms over a British military stockade in the blistering African desert during World War II. A man-made purgatory of rock and sand, the hill is an abrasive and soul eroding monument to man's brutality to man - and the grim centrepiece of one of the most powerful and stirring films of the 60s.

Fresh from his phenomenal success as secret agent James Bond, Sean Connery trades his debonair persona for that of Joe Robert, a less sophisticated but no less heroic officer who is imprisoned for refusing to obey a suicidal order. Harry Andrews is commanding as a regimental Sergeant Major who attempts to make model soldiers of the prisoners by purging them in a hellfire of punishment. Ian Hendry as a supremely sadistic prison guard and Michael Redgrave as a weak but finally courageous medical officer are equally convincing in this human drama of authority gone mad.

Also starring Ian Bannen, Alfred Lynch, Ossie Davis, Roy Kinnear and Jack Watson. Written by Ray Rigby, directed by Sidney Lumet.

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119 minutes (1:59 hours)

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DVD rental: 7 August 2000

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