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Head in the clouds - Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, Stuart Townsend, John Duigan

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Three lives. One destiny.

A lavish, sweeping romance, set in the tumultuous era of World War II, Head in the clouds is a classic cinematic love story in the grand Hollywood style. Sumptuous period details provide the backdrop for an unlikely love affair between an earnest working-class boy and a spoiled, tempestuous heiress.

When bookish Guy Malyon (Stuart Townsend) meets the wealthy and beautiful Gilda Bessé (Charlize Theron), he is swept up in her whirling and decadent lifestyle of lavish parties and wildly outlandish friends. He follows her to Paris where he moves in with Gilda and her beloved Mia (Penélope Cruz), a cabaret dancer who is studying to be a nurse. Their idyllic lives are shattered when current events become too dire to ignore and Guy and Mia leave Paris for the Spanish Civil War. Guy returns when the war comes to Paris, only to discover a terrible revelation involving Gilda… a revelation that not only threatens her life, but could tear them apart forever.

Head in the clouds is not only a breathtakingly gorgeous film, it is also a powerful meditation on love and beauty, duty and free will - and dares us to ask if it's better to live for pleasure or die for love.

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Head in the clouds imageHead in the clouds image

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  • Film drama World War II romance love society Paris

Persons of interest

  • Charlize Theron .... Gilda Bessé
  • Penélope Cruz .... Mia
  • Stuart Townsend .... Guy Maylon
  • Thomas Kretschmann .... Major Thomas Bietrich
  • Steven Berkoff .... Charles Bessé
  • David La Haye .... Lucien
  • Karine Vanasse .... Lisette
  • Gabriel Hogan .... Julian Ellsworth
  • Peter Cockett .... Max
  • John Jorgenson .... Django Reinhardt
  • Allen Altman .... Raoul
  • Élizabeth Chouvalidzé .... Madame
  • Sophie Desmarais .... Élodie
  • Mark Antony Krupa .... Goltz
  • Rachelle Lefevre .... Alice
  • Andy Mackenzie .... Joseph Reinhardt
  • Vanya Rose .... Venetia
  • Amy Sloan .... Linda
  • Linda Tomassone .... Molly Twelvetrees
  • John Duigan .... Screenwriter
  • John Duigan .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

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Security censorship classification

MA 15+ (Medium level violence, medium level sex scenes)

Surveillance time

121 minutes (2:01 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 9 June 2005

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Head in the clouds imageHead in the clouds imageHead in the clouds imageHead in the clouds imageHead in the clouds imageHead in the clouds imageHead in the clouds imageHead in the clouds imageHead in the clouds image

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