Runtime: 103 Mins
Classsification: PG
Mild sense of threat
In cinemas:
26 December 2011

Happy Feet 2

Elijah Wood, Elizabeth Daily, Magda Szubanski, Pink

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The sequel to the Academy Award®-winning animated smash hit, “Happy Feet 2” returns audiences to the magnificent landscape of Antarctica, reuniting us with the world’s most famous tap-dancing penguin, Mumble (Elijah Wood), the love of his life, Gloria (Alecia Moore {Pink} and their old friends Ramon and Lovelace (Robin Williams). Mumble and Gloria now have a son of their own, Erik (EG Daly), who is struggling to find his own particular talents in the Emperor Penguin world. But new dangers are threatening the penguin nation, and it’s going to take everyone working—and dancing—together to save them.

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Happy Feet 2 movie image
Happy Feet 2 movie image

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Persons of interest

  • Elijah Wood .... Mumble
  • Pink .... Gloria (singing)
  • Elizabeth Daily .... Erik
  • Robin Williams .... Ramon/Lovelace
  • Magda Szubanski .... Miss Viola
  • George Miller .... Director
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    • family
    • animation
    • comedy

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    • Studios and distributors: Roadshow (Warner Brothers)

    Movie Review

    Happy Feet 2 followed the same general theme as it's predecessor dealing with a young penguins journey to acceptance for who he is and to find his place within his colony. Unfortunately like the first installment, this movie was also quite slow in fact it was slower than the first movie and had you wanting to press fast forward... if only. The sub-plot of Will and Bill, two krill injected some much needed humor into the movie and helped lighten the mood. Overall it's too slow to be a good kids movie and the fact that it's animated gives it little chance for success with adults.

    2.5/5 Reviewed by