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Glastonbury - Michael Eavis, David Bowie, Billy Bragg, Julien Temple

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The mud. The music. The mayhem.

Glastonbury is now the best-known, longest-running and most pre-eminent music festival in the world. Fuelled by a staggering range of music, the movie will embrace the spirit, characters and overwhelming experiences of the festival as it reflects the extraordinary world changes of the last three decades.

In 1970, a young farmer named Michael Eavis opened his 150-acre farm to 1500 people who paid one pound each to watch a handful of pop and folk stars perform all weekend long, and the Glastonbury Festival was born. The following year, several rich hippies, including Winston Churchill's granddaughter, provided funds to enlarge the event, and 12,500 people turned up to see David Bowie and Joan Baez. For most of the past 30 years, the Worthy Farm in Glastonbury has provided a delirious outdoor concert for thousands of people over the summer-solstice weekend at the end of June.

Julien Temple (director of the Sex Pistols documentary The filth and the fury) spent a few years collecting footage from every single Glastonbury Festival, ranging from professional out-takes from the film Nicolas Roeg made about the 1971 event to amateur home videos collected from the attendees themselves, often retrieved from forgotten corners of closets and attics. Interweaving images of impromptu art happenings, sceptical locals, and stirring performances by music legends, not to mention the unbridled energy of each successive generation of youthful music fans, Glastonbury skilfully chronicles the evolution of the longest-running music festival in the world.

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  • Björk .... Herself
  • David Bowie .... Himself
  • Billy Bragg .... Himself
  • James Brown .... Himself
  • Nick Cave .... Himself
  • Michael Eavis .... Himself
  • Steven Patrick Morrissey .... Himself
  • Joe Strummer .... Himself
  • Coldplay .... Themselves
  • Radiohead .... Themselves
  • Oasis .... Themselves
  • Chemical Brothers .... Themselves
  • Velvet Underground .... Themselves
  • Primal Scream .... Themselves
  • The Cure .... Themselves
  • Julien Temple .... Director

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The documentary, music movie Glastonbury is directed by Julien Temple and stars Michael Eavis, David Bowie, Billy Bragg.

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138 minutes (2:18 hours)

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Film: Undated 2007

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