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Gallipoli (Gelibolou) - Sam Neill, Jeremy Irons, Tolga Örnek

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Gallipoli is unique in world history: it is not just a battle; it is also an epic tale of courage, self-sacrifice and stubborn endurance. It is also a story of enemies who displayed mutual respect during the battle and who became friends after it. No battle has forged such strong comradeship and everlasting peace in its aftermath. On the shores of Gallipoli, Australia and New Zealand became nations and Turkey embarked on its journey to become a republic from the ruins of an empire.

The film will revolve around few soldiers: Turks, Anzacs and British. It will trace their lives before, during, and after the war, but particularly during. The whole battle, its effects on world history, the general strategy and the leaders of both sides will be portrayed around the personal stories of these six soldiers.

To make the film as universal as possible we have an international team of researchers in Turkey, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Germany, France and Russia. We believe that what we have found so far on the Turkish side and continue to unearth are the aspects that will make the film unique. No film has addressed the Turkish side in detail and explained how the Turks dealt with the harsh conditions of the battle and how they planned for and coped with the Allied offensive. But this will not be a "Turkish" film. We believe that the material we have found on the Turkish side will only form a good companion to the rich archives of the allied perspective and help us present a more balanced and objective account of the conflict.

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Gallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) image

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  • Film documentary ANZAC Australia New Zealand Turkey World War II history

Persons of interest

  • Zafer Ergin .... Narrator (Turkish version)
  • Jeremy Irons .... Narrator (English version)
  • Sam Neil .... Narrator (English version)
  • Tolga Örnek .... Screenwriter
  • Tolga Örnek .... Director

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Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report


Security censorship classification

PG (War footage, adult themes, low level coarse language)

Surveillance time

119 minutes (1:59 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 3 November 2005

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Gallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) imageGallipoli (Gelibolou) image

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