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From zero to ten (Da zero a dieci)

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Giove (Stefano Pesce), Libero (Massimo Bellinzoni), Riccio (Pierfrancesco Favino) and Baygon (Stefano Venturi), four friends from Correggío, drop their commitments, families and responsibilities, leaving for a weekend in Rímíní. Here, in the second-class Aurora Hotel they meet Caterina, Carmen, Lara and Betta, four girls they had met twenty years before and who accepted the invitation to take up where they left off on the weekend that was interrupted in 1980. Three days of games, confessions, arguments, memories, emotions. But they also evaluate their lives, from zero to ten.

Also starring Sergio Romano As Festival, Barbara Lerici, Stefania Rivi, Fabrizia Sacchi and Elisabetta Cavallotti. Written and directed by Luciano Ligabue.

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Film: 3 October 2002 - Australian Italian Film Festival
Film: Undated 2003

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