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Forced vengeance

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Chuck Norris proves once again that he is the reigning champion of martial arts films in Forced vengeance - the swift, hard punching story of a Vietnam veteran pitted against the underworld of the far east. going up against a battalion of hired assassins in over a dozen thrilling fight sequences, Chuck demonstrates the extraordinary martial arts expertise which made him the undefeated world karate champion for six straight years.

Set against the sweeping, exotic beauty of Hong Kong, Chuck stars as a combat veteran who is working as a security chief for a friend's gambling casino. True to the traditions of karate, he believes in the use of violence only as a last resort. But when a crime syndicate seeking to take over the casino starts wreaking destruction, Chuck unleashes his full fury.

Also starring Mary Louise Weller. Written by Franklin Thompson, directed by James Fargo.

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R 18+

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87 minutes (1:27 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD rental: 7 August 2000

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