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Flipper and Lopaka

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Introducing Flipper, his best friend Lopaka, and a wonderful array of characters that live above and below the waves in their first feature length special.

Flipper takes Lopaka to his underwater home - the legendary lost city of Quetzo. Quetzo is a place of ancient remains of a long-forgotten civilisation that sank beneath the waves many centuries ago. When Dexter hears that a human is in the city, he claims it breaks an unwritten law and puts Flipper and Lopaka on trial before all the citizens of Quetzo.

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26 minutes (0:26 hours) - Episode

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS retail: 7 June 2000

Volume 2: Whale tales

The white whale

Professor Ahab, a marine biologist, anchors off Iloka to capture a white whale for research. Underwater, Flipper is learning to use his innate sense of direction when he is disorientated by the sonar from Ahab's boat. Flipper and Lopaka escape the sonar by swimming to Skipper's Grotto, where they discover a white whale and her baby are hiding. When Ahab discovers where the whales are, he sets a trap outside the grotto. However, Flipper leads them to safety and it is Ahab who gets caught in the trap. When the whales set him free, Ahab realises no wild animal should be kept in a cage.

The showdown

A killer whale, Orkie, returns to Quetzo to settle an old feud with Flipper. Dexter, determined to provoke a big showdown better than the two, gets Orkie really angry and then convinces the rest of the town not to help Flipper. Alone and outmatched by his huge opponent, Flipper is facing a serious beating until Lopaka reminds him that "strength isn't everything". Inspired, Flipper leads Orkie into a dense seaweed forest where the killer whale soon becomes entangled. However, when a volcanic tremor threatens to demolish the old school, Flipper untangles Orkie and they end their feud to save the school.

The drought

A drought on Iloka starts a desperate search for water. Bomana claims to have once seen "ice islands." Lopaka believes his father, especially when Calabash tells him that "ice islands" are actually icebergs. Flipper, in an attempt to solve Iloka's water shortage, tricks Dexter into finding an iceberg, then brining it back to Iloka. When the iceberg lands on the beach, Kapuna is forced to concede that Bomana was telling the truth all along. The iceberg melts and the water pours into Somana's well, filling the legendary underground stream.

Volume 3: Dexter in the spotlight

Lights, camera, Dexter

A filmmaker comes to Iloka to make a scary film about a giant octopus. Dexter, of course, believes he should play the starring role especially if this means he might win the prestigious Quetzo arts Festival. So he takes the place of the movie's mechanical octopus. However, the director thinks Dexter looks too mechanical and "unrealistic" and won't use him. Offended, Dexter decides to make the movie himself, and kidnaps the director and his camera. Flipper discovers the plan, and rescues the director, with Lopaka's help. Shaken by his ordeal, the director vows never to make another scary movie again.

The circus

Lopaka and his friends entertain the village with a circus. Watching off-shore, Dexter decides he will have an underwater circus to make money. Dexter steals the circus equipment and takes it to Quetzo. Bolo accuses Lopaka of dumping the equipment, prompting Lopaka and Flipper to search for it. Meanwhile, Dexter has imprisoned Ray, Puffy and Otty so they will perform in his circus.

Dexter's wedding

Dexter decides to improve his financial status by becoming mayor of Quetzo. During the election campaign he tries to be nice, but eventually snaps and insults a jellyfish, Isolde. naturally, she is upset, and decides to teach Dexter a lesson. When Flipper points out that a law insists the mayor must be married, Isolde disguises herself as a beautiful octopus, to trick Dexter into marrying her.

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