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The five senses

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The five senses is a carefully crafted drama pivoting around the five senses - touch, taste, hearing, smell and vision - and the lives of five characters, each searching for a significant and intimate human connection. The story takes place over an intense three-day period in which a child has disappeared, galvanising the public and media's attention. Against this dramatic backdrop, five people are engaged in their own personal crisis. During the course of the film, each character discovers an essential clue to his or her own true desire. As the story of the missing girl is resolved, so are the stories of these five characters.

Starring Mary-Louise Parker, Molly Parker, Daniel Macivor, Gabrielle Rose, Phillipe Volter, Marco Leonardi, Pascale Bussieres and Nadia Litz. Written and directed by Jeremy Podeswa.

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  • Awards and film festivals:
    • Toronto: Best Canadian feature

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