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The first $20 million is always the hardest

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Andy Caspar (Adam Garcia), a successful marketing executive decides to chuck his non-stop, upwardly-mobile lifestyle, when he realises that he wants to be a creator instead of a seller. He takes a job at one of the area's most prestigious high-tech firms. Mocked by the company's brilliant project leader, our hero is assigned to a team comprised of dysfunctional misfits, who through their imagination and ingenuity create something that can revolutionise their industry.

Persons of interest

  • Robert Patrick Benedict .... Willy
  • Andy Berman .... The Old Man
  • Jake Busey .... Darrell
  • Enrico Colantoni .... Francis Benoit
  • Rosario Dawson .... Alisa
  • Adam Garcia .... Andy Caspar
  • Linda Hart .... Mrs "B"
  • Gregory Jbara .... Hank Menzinger
  • Dagney Kerr .... Hickenlocker
  • Reggie Lee .... Suit
  • Anjul Nigam .... Salman Fard
  • Heather Paige Kent .... Claudia Goss
  • John Rothman .... Ben
  • Ethan Suplee .... Tiny
  • Chandra West .... Robin
  • Stoney Westmoreland .... Link
  • Po Bronson .... Author
  • John Favreau .... Screenwriter
  • Gary Tieche .... Screenwriter
  • Mick Jackson .... Director

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The first $20 million is always the hardest image
The first $20 million is always the hardest image

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