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A film with me in it - Dylan Moran, Mark Doherty, Amy Huberman, Ian Fitzgibbon

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Mark (Mark Doherty) is having a bad day. A struggling actor, he's just been through the ordeal of yet another fruitless audition for a bit part in a movie. With his long-suffering girlfriend (Amy Huberman) about to walk out, and his landlord (Keith Allen) ready to evict him, he's only got his best mate Pierce (Dylan Moran) and their joint ambition of writing a career-breaking film to sustain him.

Life's not easy, but things are about to get worse... much worse, and then someone dies and things get really bad.

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  • Film dark comedy Ireland death accident loser dog quadriplegic actor

Persons of interest

  • Dylan Moran .... Pierce
  • Mark Doherty .... Mark
  • Keith Allen .... Jack
  • Amy Huberman .... Sally
  • Aisling O'Sullivan .... Policewoman
  • David O'Doherty .... David
  • Eileen Colgan
  • Neil Jordan .... Ian Fitzgibbon
  • Hugh O'Conor .... Detective
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers .... Pierce 2
  • Laura Way .... Casting Assistant
  • Ronan Wilmot .... Mr Finnegan
  • Mark Doherty .... Screenwriter
  • Ian Fitzgibbon .... Director

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  • A film with me in it official movie sites:
    • Australia
    • International
  • A film with me in it film production notes
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  • Awards and film festivals:
    • Irish Film and Television Awards 2009: Nominated: Best Actor in a Lead Role in a Film (Dylan Moran), Best Director for Film (Ian Fitzgibbon), Best Director of Photography (Seamus Deasy), Best Film (Alan Moloney, Susan Mullen), Best Script for Film (Mark Doherty), Best Sound (Brendan Deasy)
  • Studios and distributors:
    • Beyond Entertainment

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

A film with me in it is an attempt at making a metatextual crime caper. It's interesting, especially if you're into the dulcet tones of Dylan Moran, but you'll find The actors much more entertaining.

The dark comedy, Ireland movie A film with me in it is directed by Ian Fitzgibbon and stars Dylan Moran, Mark Doherty, Amy Huberman.

Government security censorship classification

M (Violence and coarse language)

Surveillance time

83 minutes (1:23 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 23 April 2009 - Melbourne
Film: 26 April 2009 - Brisbane
Film: 7 May 2009 - Adelaide, Sydney

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