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Farce of the penguins - Samuel L Jackson, Jason Alexander, Christina Applegate, Bob Saget

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What happens in Antarctica stays in Antarctica.

It's 58° below zero, it's the coldest, darkest, most barren place on earth. We're talking about Antarctica, where each year thousands of penguins undertake the annual mating ritual. This is a story about survival, determination and birds trying to get laid...

In the tradition of the most hilarious classic spoofs - Airplane, Naked Gun and Scary Movie - Farce of the penguins takes its cues from the international mega-hit March of the penguins with filmmaker and comedian Bob Saget taking hundreds of hours of remarkable footage and adding a heavy dose of wit, absurdity and hilarious celebrity vocal talent.

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  • Film animation comedy spoof mockumentary nature penguin Antarctica snow ice

Persons of interest

  • Samuel L Jackson .... Narrator
  • Jason Alexander .... Penguin on Belly
  • Christina Applegate .... Melissa
  • James Belushi .... They're all bitches Penguin
  • Jason Biggs .... Insecure Penguin
  • Lewis Black .... Jimmy
  • Mario Cantone .... Sidney
  • Dane Cook .... Online Penguin
  • Dave Coulier .... There's no snow Penguin
  • Norm Crosby .... Carl's Grandfather
  • Drea de Matteo .... Ester
  • Cliff Dorfman .... Angry Penguin
  • Adam Duritz .... Sensitive Guy Penguin
  • Vanessa Lee Evigan .... Hilton Penguin
  • Harvey Fierstein .... Sheila
  • Whoopi Goldberg .... Helen
  • Gilbert Gottfried .... Freezing Nuts Penguin
  • Alyson Hannigan .... Hottie Penguin
  • Jim Hazelton .... No Personality Penguin
  • Jonathan Katz .... Steve The Owl
  • Jamie Kennedy .... Jamie
  • David Koechner .... Melvin
  • Brie Larson .... I need a Z-pack Penguin
  • Lori Loughlin .... Melvin-Smacking Penguin
  • Jon Lovitz .... My eyes are up here Penguin
  • Norm MacDonald .... Join Twosomes Penguin
  • Carlos Mencia .... Juan Sanchez
  • David Michie .... Sly Penguin
  • Mo'Nique .... Vicky
  • Tracy Morgan .... Marcus
  • Bob Saget .... Carl
  • Jonathan Silverman .... Seal Critics
  • Nick Simunek .... Daddy likes that Penguin
  • John Stamos .... What's global warming Penguin
  • Jodie Sweetin .... He's so gross Penguin
  • Abe Vigoda .... Penguin from Boca
  • Damon Wayans .... Hey, that's my ass! Penguin
  • Rob Weiss .... Pissed Penguin
  • Bob Saget .... Screenwriter
  • Bob Saget .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Farce of the penguins is a bit of a one-trick pony. You can only watch penguins wander around on the ice for so long before sensory deprivation kicks in. Even Happy feet suffered from this. If you like to get toasted before watching a movie then do so before you see this one, you'll enjoy it much more.

I would've liked to see more penguins pooing.

The animation, comedy, spoof movie Farce of the penguins is directed by Bob Saget and stars Samuel L Jackson, Jason Alexander, Christina Applegate.

Government security censorship classification

M (Moderate sexual references, moderate coarse language)

Surveillance time

80 minutes (1:20 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 2 August 2007

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