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Face/off - Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Joan Allen, John Woo

Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

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Oscar-winning superstar Nicolas Cage and screen icon John Travolta battle head to head in Face/off... the ultimate cat and mouse thriller directed by the world's most acclaimed action director, John Woo!

To avenge the senseless murder of his son, FBI Agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) undergoes a radical new surgery allowing him to switch faces with the comatose terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) and assume his identity. But when Castor awakens and assumes Sean's identity, the real Sean is thrust into an unimaginable nightmare, fighting not only for his life, but also those of his wife (Joan Allen) and daughter!

Brilliant performances and mind-numbing visual effects make Face/off the explosive action thriller you've got to see to believe!

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Theatrical report

An action film for action aficionados.

The plot for this film, such as there is, serves only as a vehicle for presenting the next stunt/effect - rather like the plot in a porn film serves only as a device for people to take their clothes off. Which is not to say that it's a bad film, just that you shouldn't expect too much from it.

The acting and dialogue are not worth mentioning, so I will tell you that some of the stunts and ideas (like having a face transplant) are there for fun: the way seeing a road accident is fun. Face/off is something like a road accident itself, full of blood and gore and tragedy, shocking and titillating all at the same time.

If you hate mindless action films, you'll hate Face/off, but if you're a guy and you like switching off your polite veneer of civilisation to revel in a bit of blood-lust, then this is the film for you.

Security censorship classification

MA 15+ (Medium level violence)

Surveillance time

139 minutes (2:19 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

VHS rental: Undated November 2001
DVD retail: 6 August 2003 - Nicolas Cage box set

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