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The extra - Jimeoin McKeown, Rhys Muldoon, Katherine Slattery, Kevin Carlin

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Nobody knew his name. They still don't.

Jimeoin is The Extra, an ordinary Joe who comes to the Big City to find fame and fortune. He wants to be a Movie Star, he wants to be on the A-list and get all the girls.

But all he can get is work as an extra on the set of the Blockbuster Movie Trilogy, The eternal flame. And although he dreams about romance with Katherine Arena (Kristy Hinze), the star of the blockbuster, the people he actually gets to meet are the other two-bit extras working on the studio lot, including Danny (Colin Lane) Simon (Raj Ryan), Claudia (Katherine Slattery), Kylie (Helen Dallimore) and Curtis Thai-Buckworth (Rhys Muldoon), a faded child star who is desperately trying to resurrect his career by directing a movie trailer he hopes will inspire financiers to bankroll his whole film.

Curtis borrows money from nightclub owner and loan-shark Marko (Bob Franklin). There are strings attached and when Marko begins to pull them, Curtis drags the impressionable Extra into his crazy and increasingly illegal schemes. They are soon pursued by Detective Ridley (Shaun Micallef), a cop with his own TV show, whose vanity far outweighs his talent either as cop or performer.

Despite his ongoing failure to secure even a small speaking part, the Extra's goals remain high, particularly after Claudia asks him to help her with an audition scene, and she amazes him with her performance. They strike up a natural friendship just as Katherine Arena becomes fixated on the Extra - whom she has seen on the studio lot - and begins to pursue him as the only man who has ever treated her as a person and not a star.

Curtis is unable to pay his actors and has to settle for casting the Extra as the lead in his movie trailer. This is as far as the Extra's career is ever likely to get until Curtis arranges to show the trailer to an international film financier. But not before Marko confiscates it in lieu of his unpaid loan.

The Extra and Curtis want their trailer back, but will have to bust Marko and his thugs to get it, before they themselves get busted by Ridley. Katherine Arena and Claudia each think they have won the heart of the Extra. It all comes to a head on the night of the glittering première of The eternal flame, when the Extra will finally have to decide the price of fame.

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  • Film comedy Australia film set extra star Jimeoin film-making

Persons of interest

  • Jimeoin McKeown .... The Extra
  • Rhys Muldoon .... Curtis Thai-Buckworth
  • Katherine Slattery .... Claudia
  • Bob Franklin .... Marko
  • Helen Dallimore .... Kylie Crackenrack
  • Kristy Hinze .... Katherine Arena
  • Colin Lane .... Danny
  • Raj Ryan .... Simon Jones
  • Shaun Micallef .... Paul Ridley
  • Tayler Kane .... Brett Tamsin
  • Michael Carman
  • Russell Gilbert
  • Ben Grogan .... Denim Dan
  • Livinia Nixon
  • Matthew Quartermaine
  • William Ten Eyck .... Reuben
  • Gil Tucker
  • Michael Veitch
  • Jimeoin McKeown .... Screenwriter
  • Kevin Carlin .... Director

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Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

The extra could've been a cult film about life as an extra on a movie set. There are a few in-jokes but mostly it's a low-key Australian comedy about an urban-dweller undergoing anonymity angst. There are plenty of people who were in the cast of You can't stop the murders (ie out-of-work stand-up comedians, if that isn't a tautology). What for a winter's night so you can watch it on DVD.

Security censorship classification

M (Medium level violence, low level sex scenes, low level coarse language)

Surveillance time

96 minutes (1:36 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 21 April 2005

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