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Runtime: 113 Mins
Classsification: MA15+
Strong violence and sex scene
In cinemas:
20 June 2013

Everybody Has A Plan

Daniel Fanego, Soledad Villamil, Viggo Mortensen, Ana Piterbarg

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EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN tells the story of Agustín (Mortensen), a man desperate to abandon what for him has become, after years of living in Buenos Aires, a very frustrating existence. After the death of his identical twin brother, Pedro, Agustín decides to start a new life, adopting the identity of his brother and returning to the mysterious region of the Delta, in the Tigre, where they lived when they were boys. However, shortly after his return, Agustín will find himself unwillingly involved in the dangerous criminal world that was a part of his brother’s life.

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Movie Poster

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Persons of interest

  • Viggo Mortensen .... Agustín / Pedro
  • Soledad Villamil .... Claudia
  • Daniel Fanego .... Adrián
  • Ana Piterbarg .... Director
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    • drama

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    • Studios and distributors: Rialto