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Eureka Stockade

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Ballarat, 1854.

The gold was running out and the authorities were harshly enforcing the gold licence hunts. Revolution was in the air.

Irishman and hero, Peter Lalor, is at first reluctant to assume a leadership role in the uprising. His young fiancée, Alicia, is more important to him than political ideals. The brutal murder of a young scotsman provides the spark for Peter and his fellow diggers to take up arms against the British.

The government remains antagonistic and uncompromising, resulting in the birth of the Southern Cross flag and the building of the Eureka Stockade. Men from sixteen nations join forces to defend their rights and liberties. The British attack the stockade with overwhelming force and many of the diggers are slaughtered.

An epic story of action, adventure, romance and hope that illustrates how all Australians received the benefits of democratic freedom which we all enjoy today.

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